Change the way your business manages capital.

The existing lifecycle of business fundraising and capital management was broken. So, we fixed it.

Welcome to the future of share management

Investment fuels every business, but the existing way of managing shares and debt was outdated and inefficient. We’ve brought it into the 21st century.

With Globacap as your new platform you have a complete, digital ecosystem to raise and manage share and debt capital at your fingertips. Using a blockchain powered solution, you can easily create, manage and transact digital assets, with total security.

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You are in control

Widen your investor audience, tie your team’s personal success to your company’s success, and ultimately spend time on what matters most: running your business.

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Say goodbye to admin

Reduce the administrative noise whilst going through the fundraising process, so you and your team can continue to scale your business. Uncover investor interest levels, enabling you to pick the investors that you ultimately want for the valuation that you’re aiming for.

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Easy employee options

Make rewarding your dedicated staff with options a simplified joy, not a cumbersome chore. Globacap’s ecosystem removes the time-consuming tasks, and leaves you with more time to better engage your staff.

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Nothing short of complete accuracy.

No more checks and balances. Remove the need to double-check. No more printing, posting, stamps, ink, or even paper. Just automated, digital accuracy.

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Compliance is a given.

Regulatory compliance and management is an administrative headache. We are fully compliant with the FCA, and our platform automatically manages regulated activity.

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Everything in one place.

Stress-free funding rounds, employee option schemes, corporate actions, KYC/AML and suitability checks. It’s all handled under one roof.

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Centralised capital insight.

See all investments in one, centralised ecosystem. Easy access to all of your investment’s cap tables, with up-to-date, accurate reporting across the board.

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Co-investments made easy.

Remove the pain of managing co-investments across your portfolio companies. From distribution, all the way to order collation, investor onboarding and settlement. We’ve got you covered.

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Simple secondaries.

Handle secondary transactions of any size with ease. From initial engagement through to transaction and settlement. We’ve simplified the process, giving you back control.

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