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We hope you enjoyed watching the ‘Adventure in Venture’ series which we produced in partnership with Crafty Counsel. As we heard in the series, a big problem for high-growth companies is managing complexity and in particular where that complexity touches on investor relations. Learn how we can help.


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Legal teams are spending too much time on admin, fixes, and due diligence

Maintaining an accurate cap table is crucial for high-growth companies – not only to manage existing investors, but to have a clear picture of ownership for future raises. But you’ll often find that high growth companies’ cap tables aren’t as organised as you’d hope, or the right documents aren’t in place when the company is preparing for a funding round.

This is a big problem for lawyers, whether working in a law firm with multiple high growth company clients, or in the in-house legal team of a business scaling at rocket speed.

It all results in more and more lawyers’ time being allocated to administration, fixes, and due diligence.

What’s more, it’s risky work to undertake, as a simple mistake could lead to expensive fixes down the line.

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We offer a complete end-to-end digital solution to navigating the investment lifecycle, benefitting everyone involved: companies, investors, lawyers and other third parties. Some of the benefits we offer high-growth companies include:

Real-time <br> access


Manage your shares, employee share options, convertibles and bonds with simple one-click administration and pinpoint accuracy in real-time.

Virtual <br> data room

data room

Transparent and controlled access to vital deal information, built either using existing templates or with completely customised pages. All in one place.

Immutable <br> audit trail

audit trail

Our software records every investor interaction and when it’s taken place, so you can see or download historical views of your clients’ shareholder registry in an instant.

FCA <br> regulated


We’re authorised and regulated by the FCA to arrange investments and hold money, so you can be confident everything is fully compliant as standard.

Investor suitability <br>& KYC checks

Investor suitability
& KYC checks

Our software is compliant with private placement regulations in over 50 countries. Do your investor suitability and KYC checks in just a few clicks.

A better<br>user experience

A better
user experience

One single log in will give you an instant view of all your clients’ cap tables in one place, meaning it’s always easy to find what you’re looking for.

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