Managing your cap table has never been easier.

Whether you’re issuing new shares, managing convertibles, or collecting shareholder votes, our cap table management software auto-updates with each action, giving you an instant, elegant and accurate view of your capitalisation table.

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Capitalisation table management software

So long, spreadsheet

Managing your cap table on a spreadsheet is not only a hassle, it leaves even the most diligent minds open to errors. How long did your last shareholder resolution take to pass? How much did you enjoy chasing all those signatures for your employee option grants? Did a missed Companies House filing slow down due-diligence in your last funding round?

Time to work smarter

As your company grows, you need a smarter, more accurate and efficient tool to manage your cap table. Something that’s more reliable than a spreadsheet, but more cost-effective than a lawyer. Time to say hello to Globacap’s fully digitised equity management software. 


Manage shareholders, shares, classes and rights with ease

Manage multiple shareholders and keep a full record of your company’s transaction history. Issue digital share certificates, execute corporate actions, and manage different currency share classes. We keep you accurate, safe and compliant every step of the way.

Globacap Shareholder Registry


Streamline your employee share option plans (including EMI)

Manage existing share option plans and award new ones with ease. From tracking HMRC filing dates to executing with electronic signatures – we’ve got it all covered.

Add new employee grant


Communicate securely with your investors

Our software tracks and records all your investor communications, chasing responses as necessary, allowing you to pass resolutions and complete shareholder votes easier than ever before.

Shareholder communication and voting tool


Electronic share certificates

The hassle of printing, scanning and filing share certificates is now a thing of the past. Our software generates and updates share certificates in just a few simple clicks.

Electronic Share Certificate

Our cap table management software has you covered, every step of the way.

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It’s that simple!

Scaleable &<br> future proof

Scaleable &
future proof

Our automated cap table grows with you, meaning you can manage 10,000 shareholders as easily as you can manage 10.

Easy to maintain &<br>highly accurate

Easy to maintain &
highly accurate

Manage your shares, employee share options, convertibles and bonds with simple one-click administration and pinpoint accuracy.

Secure & <br> cloud-based

Secure &

We have all the necessary controls in place to ensure that our digital processes are robust and your data is fully secure

A bullet-proof <br> audit trail

A bullet-proof
audit trail

Our software allows you to see exactly what’s happened and when, with comprehensive reports generated on demand.



We're the only cap table provider that is an authorised custodian and regulated by the FCA

Keeps you private <br> for longer

Keeps you private
for longer

Our comprehensive, efficient solution to cap table management helps your business grow in line with your values so you can stay private for longer.

Realise efficiency today

Time to replace that outdated cap table spreadsheet and adopt an easier solution?

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