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From fundraising and execution, to tracking and conversion, managing your convertible notes and SAFEs is straightforward with our digital platform.

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convertible notes and SAFEs?

Seed-stage companies are increasingly using convertible notes and SAFEs for financing as they’re faster to issue than equity and easier to access than true debt. And the primary advantage is that you can secure investment without setting a valuation – instead, you can wait until later funding rounds, when you’ll have a much clearer picture of your company’s valuation. But the cost and process of determining and drafting the terms of a convertible note might put some early-stage companies off. As might the prospect of managing the conversion process down the line, and the extra administration that might entail.

Unlock the benefits with Globacap

Our intuitive software allows you to raise and manage convertible notes and SAFEs with complete ease. From streamlined private placement, to conversion in just a few simple clicks, unlock all the benefits with none of the headache.

Raise & Issue

Digitise the complete issuance process

Our tried and tested private placement software allows you to raise funds digitally with convertible notes and SAFEs. And by automating the entire process, we make sure you’re compliant every step of the way.

Digital convertible notes issuance process


Track and manage investors with ease

Tracking your convertible notes and SAFEs has never been easier. Our software allows you to manage investors, view a full transaction history and see how your convertible notes might affect your next funding round directly from your share register.

Digital Convertible notes share register


Automatic, digital conversion

Convert your notes or SAFEs into shares, update your cap table and issue digital share certificates all in just a few clicks. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Automatically convert your convertible notes into digital share certificates

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Investor <br> experience


Investors can see your convertible’s terms instantly and place orders directly, via our well-designed and easy-to-use web platform.

Automated settlement & <br>conversion

Automated settlement &

With our entirely digital and automated settlement, your investors can view their holdings real-time in our deal portal.

Easy to maintain &<br> highly accurate

Easy to maintain &
highly accurate

Manage your convertibles notes and SAFEs with simple one-click administration directly from your share register.

A bullet-proof <br> audit trail

A bullet-proof
audit trail

Our software allows you to see exactly what’s happened and when, with comprehensive reports generated on demand.



We're the only equity management software that is an authorised custodian and regulated by the FCA.

Secure &<br> cloud-based

Secure &

We have all the necessary controls in place to ensure that our digital processes are robust and your data is fully secure.

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Are you ready to unlock the benefits of convertible notes and SAFEs?

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