An easy way to manage employee option schemes.

Whether your company’s just starting out or scaling rapidly, employee share options are a great incentive to attract and retain the best team to help you reach your business goals.

Our software allows you to manage your employee share option schemes securely, accurately and efficiently – whether they’re EMI option plans, CSOP or other schemes, or even unapproved share options for non-uk employees and contractors.

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Employee Share Option Schemes by Globacap

Want to incentivise your employees,
but without the hassle?

Giving your employees a stake in your company can be hugely rewarding. It’s not only a great way to retain and motivate your best team players, but also shows your trust in them – after all, you’re giving them part of something very important to you. But the work involved to set up and manage employee share options can feel overwhelming at times. For example, each time someone new joins the team, they need to be added to the scheme. You have to track when employees exercise their option to vest shares, and cancel unvested options when employees leave. Not only can this be time consuming, but manual errors may cause you problems later down the line.

Go digital

Whether you decide to incentivise employees through employee share options, tax-efficient EMI option plans or even grant unapproved share options to contractors and freelancers – we make the whole process easy. With all investor and employee information held securely in one place and updating automatically with each employee move, what was once an administrative headache can now be resolved in a few simple clicks.


Simplified set up

Setting up an employee share option scheme can seem daunting – you need to calculate how much share equity should be available, set up a vesting schedule, then review and document everything before you can grant the options. And if you’re using an HMRC-approved scheme like EMI, you’ll also need to register your plan within 90 days. Our software guides you through each step of the process with ease.

Easy to use digital employee share option scheme platform


Say goodbye to the paperwork

Chasing and securing signatures to execute award agreements takes time. But our digital solution allows for electronic signatures, and will even chase these if they’re missing, so you don’t have to. What’s more, new digital share certificates are issued automatically and stored securely when share options are exercised.

Digital share option agreement


Set up  EMI Option Plans

44% of UK SMEs choose to implement EMI share option schemes, giving employees the added incentive of lower tax liabilities on vested shares. Our software supports EMI share option schemes (as well as CSOP and other schemes), tracking HMRC filing dates automatically so you have one less thing to worry about.

New Digital EMI share option scheme plan with automated HMRC filing


Attract the best talent

When you need to make a hire, you shouldn’t have to scramble to figure out what share options you can include in the overall compensation package. Simply check our digitised cap table to see what unallocated shares are at your disposal, making sure you don’t lose the best talent to your competitors because you were slow to make an offer.

Digital employee share option plan


Reward contractors and remote workers too

The way we work has changed dramatically in 2020, meaning you’re more likely to hire contractors and freelancers, or employees outside the UK, to support your business’ growth. While they might not be eligible for HMRC-approved share options, we can set up and manage unapproved option schemes so that you can incentivise and reward your workforce no matter where they are based.

Digital unapproved share option plan

Are you ready to go digital with your employee share option schemes?

No matter how many employees, contractors or freelancers you want to incentivise with share options, our fully digital, regulated software means your cap table is always accurate and compliant.  

Download our complete guide to “Incentivising your staff through equity schemes” or book a demo.

It’s that simple!

A better <br>employee experience

A better
employee experience

Sharing information with your employees, contractor or freelancer via our software can be a powerful incentive in itself. Let your team keep track of their share option plans with ease, helping them to feel truly invested in your company’s success.

Everything in<br>one place

Everything in
one place

Our software securely stores all the information you need – your employee details, their holdings, share option agreements and vesting schedules – so you can keep track easily, with complete visibility and control.

Be in<br>control

Be in

When you’re looking for an investment or valuation, or planning an exit, it saves time and hassle to be able to show accurate ownership instantly, complete with details on which employees are due to vest their options and when.

Realise efficiency today

Are you ready to go digital with your employee share option schemes?

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