Unlock the benefits of employee share options

Employee share options are a great way to incentivise and retain your best employees, but sometimes the work needed to set up and manage such a scheme might seem overwhelming. 

Our guide is an ideal starting place to find out all you need to know, making sure you’re aware of the different options available to you and showing you how running a scheme doesn’t need to be complicated.

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Everything you need to know to make share options easy

Covering everything from the basics right through to EMI scheme eligibility and vesting schedules, our guide is essential reading for anyone with, or thinking of setting up, an employee equity scheme. It even looks at common headaches and gives useful tips on how to overcome them.

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And if you’re ready to set up your own scheme, or even looking for a better way to manage your existing one, we’d love to demonstrate how our software can help you. You can book a demo with one of our experts below.

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 Incentivise employees
without the hassle

A better employee <br> experience

A better employee

Employee share options offer employees tax relief benefits as well as helping them feel truly invested in your company’s success. This allows you to attract and retain the best talent to continue your growth journey.

Reward all types <br> of employee

Reward all types
of employee

Share schemes don’t just benefit your permanent UK employees. You can also incentivise and reward contractors and non-UK employees through unapproved option schemes.

Complete control <br> and visibility

Complete control
and visibility

Employee share options work side-by-side with your other investment options, meaning you can effectively manage them every time you raise capital for your business.