Frequently asked, easily answered. 

Cap Table Management

Do I have to issue share certificates?

Yes (if your laws or your constitutional documents require it). However, we’ve automated this entire process, and our platform allows you to issue entirely compliant digital share certificates in seconds. 

Can you help me upload our existing cap table?

Yes we can. Our platform makes digitising your cap table easy, however if you need extra help then our onboarding team will be happy to assist – contact us to discuss this further. 

Can I communicate with our investors, and pass resolutions, digitally via Globacap?

Yes. We have digitised the entire investor management process, from simply sending investor updates, through to getting responses on a stand-alone resolution or an AGM vote.

Can we manage our employee share options on Globacap?

Yes, our platform has extensive employee share management functionality. It’s included in the Cap Table Management software for free.

Does Globacap handle our dividend or coupon payments?

The Globacap platform has been designed to make your life easy, which also applies to paying out distributions. You transfer one amount to us, and our platform automatically slices it up and distributes it out to each of your investors.

Private Placement

Are you regulated?

Yes, Globacap is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, with passporting across the EU.

How do you vet potential investors for KYC/AML?

All investors go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) check during the registration process. This includes identity verification, which checks a global anti-money laundering watchlist, as well as checking the authenticity of their identification document. Investors who have not completed the check successfully are not able to invest through Globacap.

When needed, we provide a complete and verifiable audit trail and transaction log for compliance reporting purposes.

Can we issue a private offering?

Yes, you can restrict an offering to a private audience – this offering will only be viewable by invitation. At any time during the subscription period, you can still open the offering to a wider audience.

Our company is not located in the UK, can we still raise on Globacap?

Yes.  A number of companies who have raised on Globacap are not located in the UK. We are regulated in the UK, however we will work with you to ensure that your raise falls within the guidelines of your company’s jurisdictional requirements.

How do you handle the regulation when distributing to international investors?

We hold the regulatory risk while distributing your investment offering, our platform was designed to take care of this seamlessly.

We have analysed and pre-categorised all of the different regulatory requirements across 50 countries around the world. Then, during the onboarding process, investors are automatically categorised according to that matrix of regulatory requirements. After this our platform is easily able to show or hide any suitable investment offerings depending on their category, and show all the appropriate risk warnings.

Who can manage their fundraising on Globacap?

Our platform can manage your capital raise whether you’re intending to sell equity, a convertible, a loan, or launch a new investment fund.

We usually work with companies that have already developed a product, are operational and revenue generating, however contact us and get a platform demo to discuss your needs further.

How long does it take to get my capital raise live?

That depends on how much of your information is ready to go. Generally we would expect 1 to 2 months.

Do you use a nominee structure?

Our technology has been designed to remove unnecessary layers such as nominees. We are the only platform globally that provides entirely digital, but still direct, ownership.

However, if you specifically would like to use a nominee, then we do have one available.

How do I get started with Globacap for our capital raise?

Get in touch with our team to get started.

After our initial demo call and suitability check, we’ll begin the onboarding process to get your deal live.

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