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Our digital software creates accurate and organised cap tables for your clients, saving you valuable time and energy to focus instead on what matters – advising them on their growth journey.

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A single source of truth

Maintaining an accurate cap table is crucial for high-growth companies – not only to manage existing investors, but to have a clear picture of ownership for future raises. But you’ll often find your clients’ cap tables aren’t as organised as you’d hope, or the right documents aren’t in place when you’re preparing your client for a funding round. This all results in more of your team’s time being allocated to crucial administration – and the recovery from this time is going to be low compared to time spent negotiating deals and drafting deal documentation. What’s more, it’s risky work to undertake, as a simple mistake could lead to expensive fixes down the line.


By digitising the entire front-to-back equity and debt management process, we relieve you from tedious administrative work. Our software allows you to focus on where you add the most value to your clients. 


No nasty surprises

Know your client’s cap tables are always accurate and organised. No more scrambling to reconcile spreadsheets and company records when going into a funding round. Instead, you have maximum visibility, allowing you to propose structures and deal terms to produce the best outcomes for your clients.


Complete finality

No other software exists that allows your clients to execute with such finality – managing their entire capital lifecycle, from cap table management and private placement to share transfers, in one easy-to-use solution. With all transactions recorded and settled on a single platform, the result is one single source of truth.


Built-in compliance

Our software is compliant with private placement regulations in over 50 countries, meaning your clients can raise funds and perform all necessary investor checks with complete confidence that we adhere to the strictest compliance requirements at all times.


Streamlined processes:
pre & post deal

Bullet-proof <br>audit trail

audit trail

Our software records every investor interaction and when it’s taken place, so you can see historical views of your clients’ cap tables in an instant.

FCA <br>regulated


We’re authorised and regulated by the FCA to arrange investments and hold money, so you can be confident everything is fully compliant as standard.

Integrated <br>deal rooms

deal rooms

Transparent and controlled access to vital deal information, built either using existing templates or with completely customised pages.



One single log in will give you an instant view of all your clients’ cap tables in one place, meaning it’s always easy to find what you’re looking for.



With our standardised interface, it’s easy to generate standard reports, as well as export data for your own reporting.

No more<br>paperwork

No more

From integrated investor checks to digital share certificates, our digital solution minimises and streamlines deal paperwork.

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