Customer Story: 3S Money X Globacap

Team of 3S Money Club

Our valued customer 3S Money is a banking service for a community of selected cross-border businesses where members are accepted by invitation only.

Here, the 3S Money team shares their experience using Globacap’s Fundraising Management Platform to streamline his capital raise.


What was it like before you used Globacap’s platform?

With successful previous experience in running funding campaigns, our team also learnt the challenges the traditional way of fundraising brings. The first challenge is communication- every investor attempts to negotiation their own terms and condition, a resource-intensive process. Running parallel Due Diligence (DD) with multiple investors is also something that growing companies can ill afford. In response to these challenges, Globacap was a great solution for us – unification and equalisation that the platform brought was invaluable.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with our product or service?

3S Money was looking for a platform with smart and transparent approach with high level of DD standards for fundraising processes. It was important to us that all our potential investors could access our virtual data room with the company’s details and extensive insights like business model, financial reports, growth prospects and capital revenue. Globacap was fully compliant with our requirements and totally helpful in solving mentioned issues. The other equally important feature of the Globacap’s product is investor DD and digitalisation of members’ register. Many young companies do not reach out to wider investor communities due to their own limited resource to administer new shareholders. Globacap takes care of the investor administration process allowing company’s like 3S Money to concentrate on getting the message out.

What would you tell someone who’s considering our business?

3S Money’s co-founder Andrei Dikouchine: “We will definitely recommend Globacap to anyone capable of running their own investor campaign as Globacap takes care of the back-end much cheaper and more efficiently than an established crowd-funding platform. If you feel confident in filling the book they will save you an incredible amount of time and money.”


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