LP: Series B Crunch

Series B is the hardest round yet…

Series A has always historically been known as the hardest round of fundraising. But, in recent years the Series B round has become notoriously more difficult than ever before. Find out why companies are finding the Series B the most challenging milestone to overcome in our latest whitepaper report.

What you’ll learn

Series B is where business models must be proven and facts and figures come into play, creating a complex process and a trickier spot for attracting funding.

  • Series B crunch: what it is and why it’s significant
  • The real differences between Series A and B fundraising process
  • Overview of funding rounds in the UK and the current market
  • What investors at Series B are looking for
  • 5 ways you can avoid the crunch

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Why so many promising companies fail at this crucial funding stage


“Series B is a major inflection point, it’s make or break time. At Series A many investors will still buy a story, whereas at Series B investors need cold, hard quantitative evidence of success and future scalability. Our latest whitepaper helps identify key issues your business might run into when going through the ‘Series B Crunch’ and how you can prepare for it.”


If you’ve ever wanted to understand what investors are looking for when it comes to Series B funding or gain rare, valuable insight into the market, this is for you.

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