Compliance and risk perspective:
Globacap key fundraising controls

The natural outcome, when initially gaining a better understanding of Globacap’s value proposition, typically lands with a focus on automation and efficiency for the fundraising and cap table management process, as it should.

For compliance and risk practitioners like myself, interested in the fundraising process the discussion rapidly shifts to Anti Money Laundering and Client Money, the two most common pain points for the fundraising process that Globacap successfully solves on behalf of our clients.


Globacap’s digital AML process solves a time consuming and costly process for our fundraising clients.  For potential investors to place an order on our platform and generally on any investment platform, they must first successfully complete the KYC/AML process. Our platform uses secure knowledge base and deep learning technology to verify 2500+ global documents from 150+ countries. Our compliance team has an AML dashboard portal to perform real-time monitoring. Later this year, Globacap will introduce an innovative open banking KYC/AML process that will further streamline and minimise the digital image verification requirements.

Our fundraising clients receive from Globacap their status reports on a regular basis, explicitly detailing the number of potential investors that viewed their deal pages, completed the KYC/AML process and successfully placed an order.

Client money

Potential investors take appropriate precautions during the investment process, and Globacap has gone the extra mile for our investor and fundraising clients that expect higher safeguards and level of confidence in our fundraising process. 

Globacap is authorised by the FCA to hold client money. 

Well, in more detail, this means that Globacap has a Client Money Bank Account and only client funds go in and out of the uniquely designated bank account (segregated). Globacap’s Finance and Compliance teams have numerous daily, monthly and annual reporting and audit obligations to the FCA to maintain this authorisation. The important take away is that Globacap is always able to identify each client and their fund allocation.

I am going to resist the temptation to go into greater detail regarding our client money process, a relief I am sure, the above detail may strike a chord with investors that have executed orders on any global exchange, as it should.

Minimally, all investors should have KYC/AML, and Client Money safeguards top of mind for all their future investment journeys. We at Globacap have successfully implemented these two critical controls for our clients and with each order placed on our platform are reminded that we provide our clients with a secure, compliant, and efficient fundraising service.