Free fundraising services for start-ups crucial to the COVID-19 solution

Globacap announces it will provide free-of-charge fundraising services for start-ups in need of capital to ramp up their efforts to fight COVID-19.

There are many groups and companies around the world, tirelessly working towards any number of solutions, tests and the creation of life-saving drugs and innovative equipment. Many are fledgling companies that had a different but relevant focus before the pandemic and little experience of the volatility now being experienced by investors and companies in public markets.

In an effort to help ensure start-ups with services that advance the global effort to solve the COVID-19 pandemic have the funding they need to continue their crucial work, Globacap is now offering free-of-charge fundraising services to these companies.

The current crisis is without precedent. The NHS and healthcare systems around the globe are experiencing traumatic and challenging times, faced by a pandemic on a scale that we haven’t seen in over a century. As a global community, Globacap believes we need to find ways to accelerate the relief of stress on our healthcare systems.

“As a start-up ourselves, we understand the costs involved in a company having a pivot, and with such companies undertaking such rapid changes to add critical bandwidth to find a solution to the current global predicament, fundraising to continue these efforts should not be a limitation. Our blockchain based technology can facilitate fundraising rounds in a very short period of time and we are thankful that we can contribute to the global effort in this way.”

Myles Milston | CEO, Globacap

If you would like to speak to our team about this offer, please click here.