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Globacap’s FCA-regulated platform automates the management of your clients’ funding rounds and cap tables, giving you more time to do what you do best – strengthening relationships and delivering value-add advice. 

Private Placement software that’s ready for business   Our platform streamlines the regulatory and administrative aspects of funding rounds or private placements, end-to-end.

Cap Table Management that’s fit to scale  Our platform digitises and future-proofs cap tables, with easy one-click administration and auto-updates for every transaction. 

The benefits for lawyers and accountants

Single source of truth

With Globacap, your clients’ cap tables are always accurate and up-to-date. No more hours spent reconciling spreadsheets and auditing company records.

Built-in compliance

Unlike other platforms, we’re fully authorised and regulated by the FCA, and can arrange investments and hold client money. Your clients can raise funds and perform KYC/AML checks globally, with confidence. 

No more paperwork

Share certificates, settlements, cap table updates, and preparation of companies house filings are generated automatically. 

The right price

Get an even better deal for your clients – when you refer us, they’ll receive a discount on our already competitive pricing. 

Better relationships

We save you time; your clients save money. Fewer write-offs, better recovery, and happier clients.

Simplify due diligence

Don’t let your clients’ investors find errors in their cap tables – refer them to us before the next raise, and we’ll make sure they’re in good form. 

Realise efficiency today

Get in touch to see how we can streamline your fundraising or cap table management. 


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