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All features at a glance

Usage Limits

Number of shareholders

Number of shareholders that you can have in your register, and can access our investor portal




Number of users

Number of users at your company, or your nominated advisors, that can access your share register, employee share options, investor relations, and more




Multiple permissions & roles

Permission roles include: Register view only (useful for when an external party needs to view your register), share register admin, share options admin, user admin


Share register management

Robust, comprehensive share register which updates in real time, and comes with a complete audit trail, keeping you secure and legally compliant

Corporate actions

Execute any corporate action, such as a stock split or conversion, in just a few clicks with real-time, automatic updates to your share register

Equity in multiple currencies

Create share classes in different currencies, with valuations reconciled back to your base currency

Digital share certificates

Digital, secure, and legally compliant share certificate issued automatically

Share register export

Export your complete share register straight to Excel

Share transaction export

Export the complete transaction history for all shareholders straight to Excel

Historical view

View and export your share register exactly as it was on any historical date

Convertible note management

Comprehensive convertible note management, tracking and conversion, with automated issuance of new shares

Investor Relations

Investor portal with real-time holdings

Inviting, informative account page for your investors to view their holding (shares and convertible notes), download their share certificate, and more

Shareholder communication

Communicate with shareholders directly through the platform, track delivery and reads, with a complete audit trail available at any time

Digital voting & resolutions

Shareholder voting and resolutions, with comprehensive tracking and statistics, such as seeing the exact percentage still outstanding to pass a resolution

Employee Share Options

Employee share option scheme

Simplify your employee incentive administration, set up multiple plans, receive notifications of upcoming vesting dates, while execution becomes a breeze

EMI Option Plan

Use EMI to benefit from tax relief. Set up all documents and agreements. Track specific information for bord resolutions. Includes HMRC filing dates and more

Unapproved option scheme

Grant options to employees who are based outside the UK, or consultants, advisors and freelancer who don't work more than 25hrs /week. Set up all documents and agreements, issue option certificates electronically end-to-end. Grant option holders access to their scheme

E-signing plan and award documents

Simplify award execution with electronic document signing directly in the platform, with documents stored automatically to each award record

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coming soon

Secondary Liquidity

1-to-1 transfers with automated settlement

We manage all parties in a secondary transfer, hold the cash in escrow, and settle everything digitally - no old-fashioned signatures, no manual overheads. For UK companies we also take care of the stock transfer forms and the buyer's stamp duty payment

Compliance & Security

Complete audit trail

We uniquely use distributed ledger technology, which provides an immutable audit trail for every interaction


Your data is stored in full compliance with GDPR

Two-factor authentication

For additional safety, all users can enable two-factor authentication across all of our platforms

Companies House Filings (CS01)

Complete, review and send Confirmation Statements to Companies House in just a few clicks, without ever having to leave our platform

Supporting Documents

Articles of Association

Relevant for UK earlier-stage businesses. Our template articles gets your business growth ready

Equity Subscription Agreement

Use our standardised agreement on your next equity funding round to cut down on your legal fees. Alternatively, use our fundraising platform to manage the entire process

Equity Advanced Subscription Agreement (SAFE)

Taking in cash in advance of a future funding round? Use our standardised agreement as a starting point to cut down your legal fees. Alternatively, use our fundraising platform to manage the entire process

Convertible Subscription Agreement

Raising capital via a convertible note? Use our standardised agreement as a starting point to cut down your legal fees. Alternatively, use our fundraising platform to manage the entire process

Bond Termsheet

Our standardised bond termsheet significantly cuts down your legal costs on your next bond issuance. Alternatively, use our fundraising platform to manage the entire process


Knowledge base and online tutorials

Our comprehensive how-to guides and knowledge hub gets you setup quickly and easily

Onboarding platform walk-through

One of our onboarding specialists will walk you through the all the platform functionality, to speed up your setup and help you get the most out of the platform

Email support

Our support team is on hand to help you through any queries you may have

Silver level priority support

Our support team resolves your queries quickly

Gold level priority support

A dedicated support specialist to resolve your queries quickly

Additional Services

Accelerate your funding round.

Invite investors from over 50 countries to your deal room. Streamline communication. Exchange share certificates digitally.

Private Placement Software

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Compliant in over 50 countries

Regulated by the FCA

Articles of Association

Digital offering documents

Subscription agreement

Secure data room

Order book management

Automated KYC/AML checks in a few clicks

Multiple currencies and real-time FX conversion

Custody services / cash escrow

Automated settlement and issuance

Multi-asset (shares, convertibles, and debt)

Direct link to your cap table

Companies House automated SH01 filing

Onboarding & on-going support

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How do you vet potential investors for KYC/AML?

All investors go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) check during the registration process. This includes identity verification, which checks a global anti-money laundering watchlist, as well as checking the authenticity of their identification document. Investors who have not completed the check successfully are not able to invest through Globacap.

When needed, we provide a complete and verifiable audit trail and transaction log for compliance reporting purposes.

Can we issue a private offering?

Yes, you can restrict an offering to a private audience – this offering will only be viewable by invitation. At any time during the subscription period, you can still open the offering to a wider audience.

Our company is not located in the UK, can we still raise on Globacap?

Yes.  A number of companies who have raised on Globacap are not located in the UK. We are regulated in the UK, however we will work with you to ensure that your raise falls within the guidelines of your company’s jurisdictional requirements.

How do you handle the regulation when distributing to international investors?

We hold the regulatory risk while distributing your investment offering, our platform was designed to take care of this seamlessly.

We have analysed and pre-categorised all of the different regulatory requirements across 50 countries around the world. Then, during the onboarding process, investors are automatically categorised according to that matrix of regulatory requirements. After this our platform is easily able to show or hide any suitable investment offerings depending on their category, and show all the appropriate risk warnings.

Who can manage their fundraising on Globacap?

Our platform can manage your capital raise whether you’re intending to sell equity, a convertible, a loan, or launch a new investment fund.

We usually work with companies that have already developed a product, are operational and revenue generating, however contact us and get a platform demo to discuss your needs further.

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