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Raising funds, agreeing terms with investors and managing capital isn’t easy. It can be complex, and consume far more of your time and energy than you would like.

That’s where we help. Our single, digital solution handles all your fundraising and capital management needs with ease and accuracy so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

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More than a database

We’re unique, supporting your entire lifecycle by combining private placement, cap table management and secondary transferability tools into one easy-to-use solution.

Our software executes your processes from start to finish with complete legal and regulatory finality.


Making <br>the complex simple

the complex simple

Our easy-to-use software makes even the most complex cap tables a breeze. Whether you’re dealing with stock splits, buybacks, convertible bonds or even share option plans, our software removes the complexity and prevents errors.

Improving <br>investor relationships

investor relationships

As all information is held within one software, investor communications are instant, consistent and most importantly, held in a secure and confidential environment.

Compliance <br>in minutes

in minutes

Get your funding round live faster with our template offering documents. Going global? Our automated investor regulatory classification, suitability, and KYC checks, completed electronically in minutes, is compliant for distribution in over 50 countries, saving you thousands on legal advice.

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How Globacap helps Private Companies

We differ from other equity management solutions as we integrate funding rounds, cap table management, share option plans, EMIs and share transfers in one easy-to-use product.

Packed with features. Beautifully designed for efficiency.


Cap Table Management

Whether you’re issuing new shares or executing corporate actions, our cap table management software auto-updates with each action, giving you an instant, elegant and accurate view of your cap table.

Shareholder Management

Electronic share certificates, secure communication, and digital shareholder voting and resolutions. Welcome to the future: easier for you, a superior experience for your investors.

Companies House Integration

File confirmation statements, SH01 forms, SH02 forms, and more with a few clicks.

Globacap Shareholder Registry


EMI Employee Options Plans

With all investor and employee information held securely in one place and updating automatically with each employee move, what was once an administrative headache can now be resolved in a few simple clicks.

Option Valuation

Simplify year-end accounting and tax filings. Let our platform do the heavy-lifting for you. (This feature is being launched shortly.)

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Private Placement

Distribute your investment offering to investors around the world, while we ensure regulatory compliance.

Convertible Notes

Comprehensive management, tracking and conversion, with automated issuance of new shares.

Share Transfers

An easy and secure way to agree transaction details between buyers and sellers, with fully automated settlement. Once executed, your cap table updates instantly and automatically.

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