Upgrade your fundraise

Make your upcoming capital raise a superior experience – for you and your investors.  

From a fully digitised subscription process to performing KYC/AML checks in minutes, we streamline the entire process, and with built-in compliance.

Save time, cut out intermediaries, and slash administrative costs by up to 50%.

Paperwork, made painless

Streamline legal documentation with an entirely digitised subscription process.

Take investment from any number of investors, in multiple currencies with automatic conversion, and issue digital share certificates at the touch of a button.  

Built-in compliance

Not only are we FCA-regulated in the UK, we’re compliant by design… enabling you to raise capital seamlessly in 50+ countries.

Know who your investors are, and make sure you stay on the right side of anti-money laundering requirements. Global KYC/AML checks are performed automatically in minutes.


A safe pair of hands

As an authorised custodian in the UK, we safeguard cash during the subscription process in segregated client money accounts. We’re also authorised to safeguard securities. 

Blockchain simplifies how shares, bonds and other investments are managed. So it reduces costs. And that means more money in the bank.

Tom Heavey

CEO, Crypto Gurus

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