Save time and cut out intermediaries

Make your upcoming capital raise a superior experience – for you and your investors.

From a fully digitised subscription process to performing KYC/AML checks in minutes, we streamline the entire process, and with built-in compliance. Save time, cut out intermediaries, and slash administrative costs by up to 50%.

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Private capital, made easy

Go digital

Streamline legal documentation with an entirely digitised offering and subscription process, and issue digital share certificates at the touch of a button. 

Stay compliant

We’re tried, tested, and fully regulated; and have enabled businesses just like yours to raise funds seamlessly in 50+ countries. Perform investor suitability, KYC and AML checks automatically, and in minutes.

Secure data room

Securely distributing your due diligence documents couldn’t be easier. With digital tracking, you know exactly who accessed which documents, and when.

Save money

With reduced operational costs and reliance on expensive intermediaries, our customers have slashed admin costs by up to 50%. 

Less admin

We’ve automated the capital markets lifecycle end-to-end – every ‘i’ is dotted; every ‘t’ is crossed. So, you’ll have more time and headspace to focus on your business. 

Give investors what they want

We facilitate secondary market liquidity, with automated settlement. Communicate with your investors securely and entirely on our platform.

Blockchain simplifies how shares, bonds and other investments are managed. So it reduces costs. And that means more money in the bank.

Tom Heavey

CEO, Crypto Gurus

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