PP: Tokenization

A new world of tokenized liquidity. 

Globacap’s blockchain powered ecosystem enables your company to launch tokenized equity, building new access to liquidity that was previously impossible. 

The ability to tokenize private securities is finally here. 

Why Tokenized Securities?

Blockchain technology hasn’t just brought us cryptocurrency, it’s given us the opportunity to drastically rethink the underlying processes behind private capital markets.

Regulatory compliance

Globacap has created a framework that allows existing securities to be tokenized within existing UK and EU regulation. Based on a distributed ledger infrastructure, we’ve created a truly digital shareholding that fits within the existing regulations – securities tokenization as a registered instrument process. 

New routes to liquidity

Crypto exchanges are evolving, and so is the world of tokenization. Stay ahead of the curve and access a new type of investor demand for your equity. Unlock real liquidity for existing shareholders and gain new investors from a wider pool. Open the possibilities of hyper efficient, liquid, marketable assets and start reaping the benefits.

Open the path to innovation

We like trailblazers like us. With Globacap’s Tokenization, you’ll carve the path for the future of private companies. The mass potential for digital assets in private markets is much greater than that in public markets and with our sophisticated infrastructure, there are boundless possibilities and opportunities.

Other game-changing features

With Globacap Tokenized Securities you have easy and affordable creation, issuance, and transfer of digital tokens at your fingertips. Monitor and manage your digital securities in a secure, centralised environment and embrace the world of digitised financial assets.

Unlock our full ecosystem

No more disparate systems. No third parties. Our pioneering ecosystem enables you to digitally manage your shares from private placement to register and liquidity – seamlessly as a whole.

Complete regulatory compliance

Our full digital ecosystem has been designed to stay compliant with existing securities regulation – having been through the full FCA sandbox. You and your investors get the peace of mind that comes from dealing directly with an FCA authorised arranger and custodian. 

Exchanges, Custodians, Registrars connecting directly to our private blockchain 

Regulated institutions such as digital exchanges, custodians, and registrars can run a permissioned node of our private blockchain to interface with the digitised securities directly.

Public blockchain tokens 

For assets with an even greater demand for liquidity, Globacap can create public blockchain tokens that can trade on multiple digital securities exchanges simultaneously, with live synchronisation back to the legal register for settlement finality. 

Where the magic happens

We’ve solved the tokenized private securities problem, whilst remaining completely within legal and regulatory requirements.


Finally, you can run a ground-breaking tokenized private round.


Globacap’s pioneering use of blockchain technology is reshaping the industry and infrastructure, bringing added value to issuers, investors, and shareholders like never before. Discover how.

Access a new world of tokenized liquidity

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Full transparency and security

Our platform supports smart contracts that keep you secure and automate traditional processes. Immutable and distributed. Absolute security.

Increased liquidity. Lightning speed

Use the benefits of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to generate funds and liquidity.

Compliance, always

Your investors get the peace of mind that comes from dealing directly with an FCA authorised arranger and custodian. Our ecosystem is compliant to distribute to investors in over 60 countries.

Transact with confidence

Have the freedom and security to trade your assets whenever you decide to. Have peace of mind that you’re dealing directly with an FCA authorised arranger and custodian.

Open the path to innovation

Access investment opportunities like never before. You have control over when, where and who, diversifying your investment portfolios into asset classes previously out of your reach.

Instant settlement

Match buy and sell orders during the round, allowing for fast and effective settlement. Take control of your shares, when you want.

Greater liquidity, greater transparency

Tokenized shares make it easier to sell your shares to investors and raise money when required. All rights are embedded onto your tokens, along with an immutable record of ownership, with full anonymity.

Faster transactions

Traditional transaction processes no longer apply. Our automation reduces the administrative burden, significantly speeds up trade execution, and lowers transaction fees.

De-risk your holdings, invest in more

Want to use your capital to invest in the next big thing? Tokenized shares enable you to sell your existing holding to realise gains and give you the chance to look for new opportunities. Not only this, but if you’re looking to double-down on your current investment, you could do so through tokenized transactions.

A smarter way to manage capital.

Petr Stransky

“I would definitely recommend Globacap to anyone who wants to truly operate in the 21st century using a digital platform to manage all shareholders affairs.”

Petr Stransky