Customer story: iCEIBA x Globacap

Our valued customer iCEIBA’s vision is to provide a fast and effective solution for claim recovery and litigation financing for SMEs, using distributed ledger technology and intelligent algorithms to deliver optimum returns for all participants. 

Here, iCEIBA founder Petr Stransky, shares his experience using Globacap’s cap table management platform to manage their shareholder affairs.

What was it like before you used Globacap’s platform?

I have long-term experience dealing with company structures and cap tables across different businesses, both in the startup environment and in a more traditional setting. It is always time-consuming exercise, especially in situations where there are many stakeholders involved. And in most of the cases, there are issues, which arise at the worst time – when there is a negotiation with a new investor for example, and you find out that last funding round was not adequately executed and several documents are not up-to-date (like Convertible Notes not, in reality, converted into Shares).  And that’s not to mention the cost, back-and-forth with external lawyers, accountants, shareholders, and other parties.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with our product or service?

We are a building real estate service business which includes managing several separate asset pools with different stakeholders. Our search focused on an automated solution as we achieve our goal to completely digitise our business model. Therefore we made sure we can have all our processes in electronic form, with a high-level degree of integrity and integration with our internal systems. We found Globacap’s holistic management critical for  shareholder information, access to pools (which are de facto separate companies), our parent entity and the respective cap tables. Also, we are benefiting from the functionality we now have Globacap’s one environment to access key documents, shareholder information, etc.

What would you tell someone who’s considering our business?

Globacap’s team is very professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. We are a young business with a relatively complex global business structure between the UK and US and we found that Globacap’s platform made our process transparent and straightforward. I would definitely recommend Globacap to anyone who wants to truly operate in the 21st century using a digital platform to manage all shareholders affairs.

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