Looking for an easier solution to
transfer shares?

Transferring ownership of shares can be complex and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. We offer a digital solution that takes care of the entire front-to-back share transfer process.

Investors can sell and transfer shares in a few easy clicks and you get peace of mind that your legal, tax and regulatory requirements are covered.

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Easy share transfer in just a few clicks

Streamlining the experience

With the private share transfer market worth an estimated £140 billion each year in the UK, our solution is essential for companies likely to have ownership transfers between their shareholders. Our process is effortless from start to finish – with no physical signatures or complicated forms – ensuring a painless experience for you and your shareholders.

All steps covered

We allow you to execute transfers with absolute confidence that we have you covered for every step of the share transfer process. 


An easy and secure way for buyers and sellers to agree

Our software allows buyers and sellers to easily agree the terms of a share transfer. The seller simply needs to complete one simple form with the details of the sale, and invite their buyer to agree electronically. Once agreed, the buyer can transfer funds directly to our segregated client money accounts, ready for settlement.

Digital share transfer transaction initiated


Company reviews the transaction

Once the buyer and seller have agreed on their terms, the company (issuer) receives an alert asking to approve or reject the transaction. This process – which usually involves a lot of email forth and back, now happens online and in a few clicks.

Digital share transfer transaction approved


Effortless and automated the whole way through

Traditionally it takes time and effort to ensure all steps are completed to ensure a share transfer is legally valid. But with our software, settlement is completely automated and we even deduct stamp duty if relevant, sending the payment and stock transfer form electronically to HMRC.

Digital share transfer transaction completed


Instant and automatic cap table updates

When you execute share transfers with us, the change in ownership feeds directly into your cap table, with no need for any manual updates. We also issue new digital share certificates to the buyer.

Electronic share certificates

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Digital stamp duty payments

Digital stamp duty payments

We calculate if stamp duty is to be paid, how much and we process this for you with HMRC

Electronic share certificates

Electronic share certificates

Share certificate automatically updates upon completion of the transfer and change of ownership

Digital <br> signatures


No more paperwork. Use legally binding digital signatures

Exchange <br> of funds

of funds

We hold the funds until the transfer completes and then release to the seller

A complete <br> audit trail

A complete
audit trail

Full audit trail of the transfer and exchange of funds. Information can be used to complete any relevant tax returns.

Point-and-click approval

Point-and-click approval

Once a transaction has been initiated by a seller and approved by a buyer its sent direct to the issuer for approval – all within Globacap’s platform.

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