Cash custody

Investment management at scale. 

Optimise your investor relationships with Globacap’s private capital markets solution.   

Our customisable platform allows you to raise capital much faster and more simply than ever before. By leveraging the power of technology to automate and streamline your investor and investment management from start to finish, everything is housed in one tool allowing you to create and close more deals, without increasing your overheads. 

Your team will be able to: 

  • Digitise your investor network and automate the entire placement process 
  • Invite and manage investors with clear insight into their interactions 
  • Run syndicate investment rounds via our interactive deal room featuring built-in solutions for viewing memoranda and offering documents 
  • View investment history and order history 
  • Manage your investor funnel and gauge investor demand like never before 

With a digitised and interactive deal dashboard you finally have access to: 

  • View investors who have signed up, have passed KYC/KYB and placed an order 
  • Easily manage the order book 
  • Collect and analyse data leading to new actionable insights 
  • Process orders, generate reports and export data with unparalleled efficiency