Investor onboarding

An unparalleled investor experience. 

Digitising your investor onboarding provides you with an automated workflow, reducing human error and limiting the need for intervention.  

Our intelligent user-interface has been designed to prioritise investors’ ease of access to your deals.    

We’ve put simplicity and clarity at the heart of the investor experience on our platform, freeing you up to focus on your business’s unique strengths. 

Streamline your investor onboarding and subscription process with: 

  • Integrated investor KYC/KYB 
  • Automated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks 
  • Faster efficient approvals with e-signatures embedded where needed 
  • Next level communication with track delivery and reads and a complete audit trail available at any time 

With upgraded and optimised investor onboarding, you can: 

  • Stay on top of the process from open to close via our customisable dashboard 
  • Invite and manage investors through our user-friendly interface 
  • Drill down into who has passed KYC, signed, placed an order, or even just viewed key documents 
  • Store and view all investment and order history in one place 
  • Reduce investor churn and drive adoption 

Our built-in automated compliance enables you to distribute placements to any potential investor without the need of completing compliance checks yourself. From institutional investors through to your customers & employees, in over 60 countries – we’ve got you covered.