Registry Management

Multi-asset investor registry & management.

Our multi-asset registry tool allows you to create digital registries of your equity, debt, or fund vehicles.  

Whether it’s existing vehicles being digitised for efficient ongoing lifecycle management, or synchronised registries, automating settlement and issuance of assets, our tools underpin your entire placement workflow. 

A digitised investor registry.

You can manage digital registries of your equity, debt and fund vehicles – compressing and automating many of the processes associated with managing investors and reporting across the lifecycle of the investment, keeping a full audit trail of all activity.

Whether managing full equity cap tables (employee options), through to debt instruments, (bonds & loan notes), or fund and feeder vehicles (SPV & Fund-feeders), bring all of your activity onto one digital platform

  • Equity Cap Tables 
  • Debt Registers 
  • Fund Vehicles 
  • Feeder & Nominee Vehicles 

Streamlined processes across your entire team.

Collaborate with third-party services providers inviting them to use the data on platform to carry-out their activities.

Registry maintenance  

  • Migrate existing assets 
  • Create new registries 
  • Execute and record corporate actions 
  • Manage resolutions 

Investor reporting & communications 

  • Investor communications 
  • Execute E-signatures and voting 
  • Track performance metrics 

Use the registry to report and communicate with investors throughout the lifecycle of an investment opportunity. Investors use their own dashboard to receive updates and track their investment positions and reporting information.

Maintain transaction history 

Transactions auto-update, so you can be sure your historical data is accurate. This includes issuance, transfer, split, merge and conversion. You can also sort and filter your entire transactional history for complete flexibility.

Drawdowns & distributions 

Experience optimised deal distribution, while easily managing and tracking drawdowns. 

Vehicle reporting 

Meet reporting requirements by digitally issuing reports and updates via Globacap’s platform.