Stagnation or rebirth? The future of stock exchanges

Digital securities and investor administration.

Make your securities registry a living entity that updates in real time.

Our digital ecosystem has been designed to enable you to execute your placement and secondary transactions seamlessly, with registry functionality ready to plug into when required.

More efficient, more secure, lower risk.

With automated issuance and settlement on primary and secondary deals respectively,
administrative errors disappear and resources are freed.

Underpinning your placement workflow

As private placements reach completion, our registry function is ready to automatically synchronise with the placement deal and update accordingly. Placement completion moves in lockstep with registry, which automatically refreshes once the placement workflow is complete.

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Unlock frictionless securities transactions

Transfers of ownership in our secondaries platform also links back into registry, where entries are simultaneously updated as securities ownership changes following liquidity events.

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Game-changing features

Complete accuracy 

Remove human error, missed filings, and multiple spreadsheets. Our digital securities registry provides your business with a complete, automated audit trail, filings and a suite of comprehensive investor relation tools.

Real-time registry management

Digitising securities registry management introduces unmatched efficiency into its management. Our technology updates your securities register in real-time after any corporate action has been executed, keeping you fully regulatory compliant and avoids administrative headaches.

Customised labelling and tagging

Create custom tags and assign them to investors so you can easily identify and target specific groups of investors in your register. 

Securities in multiple currencies 

Businesses aren’t based in a single location anymore. Create securities classes in different currencies and distribute to investors globally, all with final reconciliation to your base currency making international engagements far easier. 

Digital securities certificates & historic exports 

Need to see what your securities register looked like on a specific date? Globacap enables digital, secure and legally compliant certificates that are issued automatically. Export the complete transaction history for all investors straight to Excel – or even view and export a specific date.