About Us

The evolution of capital markets.

Technology has evolved nearly every aspect of our lives, yet capital markets processes have been stuck in the technological dark ages.

We set out with a mission to change that.

Our mission

To digitise and automate the world’s private capital markets.

We enable freedom through automation.

Human advancement relies on a functioning capital market. With the intelligent use of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) digitisation, and automation, we’re driving the evolution of capital markets.

We bring freedom to intermediaries constrained by resource-draining manual processes, to investors tied into holding private assets without liquidity, and for private assets to become digital and frictionless.

One platform. Next-generation technology. Powerful placement and liquidity management.

Our values

Changing the way an industry works takes a lot of passion. At Globacap, our values are a representation of what we believe in – a framework to operate at the highest level while still continuously improving.

Efficiency enables greatness.

Efficiency frees our time and minds to focus on the the most important objectives, enabling us to achieve greatness.

There are no limits.

We think outside the box, finding a way through every barrier to deliver value for our customers.

Knowledge is evolution.

We have a continuous improvement mindset for ourselves, our team, and the world around us.

Transparency is trust.

We have absolute candour, bringing with us a new level of transparency to opaque capital markets.

We’re stronger together.

We all have unique impact, only together can we achieve greatness.


Want to really make an impact on how capital markets work? Working for Globacap, you’ll have the chance to completely change the way a whole industry functions, for the better. We believe that’s something worth working towards.

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