About Us

The private capital markets process was broken, so we fixed it.

At our very core, we believe that efficiency enables greatness. Technology has overhauled nearly every aspect of our lives, so it was time that the private capital markets caught up.

It all starts with the share.

Globacap was founded to use emerging blockchain technology to completely change the underlying processes behind private capital markets.

Utilising blockchain to overhaul the share asset itself, Myles, Alex and Joanne quickly found the huge potential for creating a digital ecosystem for the fundraising lifecycle of a business. Globacap was born.

Our values

Changing the way an industry works takes a lot of passion. At Globacap, our values are a representation of what we believe in – enabling us to really work at the best of our abilities.

Efficiency enables greatness.

We think and act with laser-focus to reach our goals. From capital markets processes, to creative thinking, efficiency is in our DNA.

There are no limits.

Creating a different world means thinking differently. We think outside the box, finding a way through every barrier to deliver value for our customers.

Knowledge is evolution.

Through the continual acquisition of knowledge, we’re constantly improving ourselves, our team, and the world around us.

Transparency is trust.

We bring a new level of transparency to opaque capital markets. We are honest, open and act with integrity.

We’re stronger together.

We all have unique impact. Only together can we achieve greatness.


Want to really make an impact on how businesses operate across the globe? Working for Globacap, you’ll have the chance to completely change the way a whole industry functions, for the better. We believe that’s something worth working towards, and we hope you do too.

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