Frictionless settlement.

Why do private markets have so much friction? We’re in the digital era, yet settlement of secondary transactions in private securities remains stuck in the technological dark ages.

Unlike other alleged next generation liquidity platforms, we’ve actually automated settlement.

With evolutionary, secure, compliant technology, we’ve made private markets transactions as efficient as public markets.

Simplify the process.

Our use of distributed ledger technology reduces transfer times from trade execution to settlement, resulting in speedy and efficient operations, significantly reducing the settlement cycle. 

Optimise your liquidity management with end-to-end, automated efficiency. Your business will realise the benefits of: 

Digitised settlement journey 

Private market secondary transactions traditionally require expensive intermediaries with manual processes. We’ve fixed that. We’ve made the journey digital, automated, and frictionless.

Secure, efficient cash custody

We’re a regulated and authorised custodian, so our automated platform can hold cash during a transaction, ensuring trust for all parties.

Automated legal title transfer

Settlement finality becomes point and click. We’ve even automated situations requiring heavy manual processes, such as paying stamp duty for transactions on certain securities in certain countries.