Settlement & Securities Issuance

Automated settlement & issuance at your fingertips. 

Fast, effective, and accurate. 

Our automated settlement system facilitates quicker and simpler completion of your raises.  

From issuing investment certificates and executing term sheets, to settling funds held in escrow – we’ve automated the process, significantly cutting down administration time throughout the whole cycle. 

Automated settlement

Fast, easy, safe and secure, our cash settlement functionality delivers for you and your investors.

We are an FCA-regulated and authorised custodian, granting us the ability to hold funds as an intermediary between transacting parties.

Our custody authorisation guarantees protection of client funds throughout the investment process, and our ability to provide fully functional escrow accounts means that the cash settlement process can be as efficient as possible.

Automation means we can provide cash settlement services meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of both investors and private companies.

Have your own escrow and cash account? No problem. We have included interoperability into our platform, allowing you to substitute in your own settlement instructions to manage the process.

Our platform can also facilitate orders in multiple currencies.

Automated issuance of securities

Digital, compliant, efficient – you have full control over the issuance process.

Don’t just offer and settle placements alone – go further and save time by integrating securities issuance into your placement.

Use our platform to create a digital registry of your equity or debt instruments. From here you can manage filings and close placements with full regulatory compliance.