Why Globacap?

We use blockchain to create entirely digital securities (“tokenization”).

This allows previously illiquid assets become easily tradeable, transferring in seconds instead of months, and reducing overheads in the process.

Investors access liquidity. Issuers access a wider investor base.
Administration becomes simple and automated.

We Are A Pioneer

Globacap issued the world’s first blockchain equity under supervision of the UK’s financial regulator (the Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA).

Read more on Business Insider.

As a member of the FCA’s Sandbox Cohort 4, we pioneered the issuance of blockchain securities, and we continue to innovate.

What Assets Can Be Tokenized?

Tokenization allows assets to be fractionalized and traded in small quantities.


Debt (Loans)

Real Estate

Investment Funds

And almost anything else …

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