Order Book Management

Order management system for private markets.

Managing an order book for a syndicated investment deal can be chaotic and resource intensive. That’s why our digital private placement software gives you real-time, secure order tracking and management.

Save your team’s resources and provide a better experience for your investors.

Unleash your greatness with our tech and your brand.

Go truly digital.

Secure, efficient, and a better experience for your investors.

Indications of interest

If searching for a lead investor or doing price discovery, our software lets investors place indications of interest, and gives your team the tools to receive, analyse, and manage those indications.

Marked-up termsheets

Securely receive and track marked-up termsheets from prospect lead investors, keeping everything in one easily-accessible place.

View and manage orders

Receive and manage orders digitally. Investors have real-time status updates of their order, while your deal team has a digital order book in one central place with a comprehensive audit trail.

Set order limits

Set maximum and minimum limits on orders, and override specific orders to reduce or increase allocations.

Auto or manual order approval

Orders can be set to automatically approve, or your team can individually approve, modify, or reject each individual order.

Multiple currencies

Our platform handles most major currencies seamlessly.

Real-time data dashboard

Track all aspects of the deal in real-time with our comprehensive dashboard. From investor invitations and onboarding, to NDA execution, indications of interest, order management, settlement and completion.