Exchanges & Intermediaries

Diversify into private markets.

In an era where traditional exchanges are exploring avenues beyond public markets, Globacap’s solutions provide the infrastructure that serves as the backbone for private capital markets’ activity.

The future for exchanges in private markets is here.

Globacap is the leading provider of private markets software to exchange groups globally.

Originate with confidence

Seamlessly move upstream into origination, opening new avenues for growth

Facilitate settlements with ease

Enable efficient settlement and transferability of private assets and vehicles, transforming the way your exchange operates.

Saturation breakthrough

Break free from market saturation by exploring new revenue streams beyond traditional public markets.

Mitigate risk

Navigate the fear of decreasing secondary transaction volume in public markets with a diversified revenue stream

Upstream exploration

Elevate your exchange to new heights by venturing upstream into origination activity. Globacap empowers exchanges to innovate and capture untapped opportunities within capital markets

Strategic growth

Embrace innovation and foster growth by seamlessly integrating origination activities into your existing operations

Seamless transition

Our platform enables exchanges to smoothly transition into the growing realm of private markets

Streamline settlements

A fully digital process for settlement and transferability of private assets and vehicles.

Tailored solutions for every need.

There are many key benefits of Globacap’s platform to exchange groups:

Enhanced liquidity

Boost liquidity for securities by tapping into the thriving private markets.

Effortless origination

Streamline origination processes and expand your exchange’s footprint in the private markets space. 

Future-proof revenue

Ensure sustainability by diversifying revenue streams, safeguarding against market fluctuations. 

Seamless settlements

Revolutionize settlement procedures, providing a smooth and secure transfer experience for private assets. 

Experience the future, today.

Globacap is designed to cater to the unique needs of diverse exchange groups, offering a tailored approach to digitization, innovation, and revenue diversification. Whether you operate a public markets exchange or are considering a move into private markets, our platform provides the tools and support you need to thrive in an ever-evolving financial landscape.