LP: CS01 Overdue

Don’t get caught out by overdue confirmation statement filings

Filing your CS01 confirmation statement with Companies House is important, as it means your details are up-to-date on the public register. But given how archaic the process is, it’s easy to be caught out and either miss the deadline or submit incomplete information, meaning you risk being struck off or fines of up to £5,000. But there has to be a better way?

Finally. Fully automated and fuss-free Companies House filings.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why companies house filings are so much hassle
  • What options there are for filing your CS01
  • The future is digital; how to automate your CS01 filings forever


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Make late and inaccurate filings a thing of the past

CS01 cheat sheet

We’ve created a cheat sheet for how you can bring your business filings into the 21st century. Never worry about late or inaccurate filings again. No manual data entry, no missing data, no separate log ins to Companies House.

Automated software filings are the future for confirmation statements, and by learning the difference between the filing options, you can move away from cumbersome manual filing as soon as possible.

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Filing your CS01 is just a few clicks away.

Check if your company information is up-to-date

Check if your company information is up-to-date

If not, simply make changes directly into our platform.

Check any changes to share capital & confirm shares traded on a market

Check any changes to share capital & confirm shares traded on a market

Our software guides you through any details that are needed.

Review any changes to your shareholder information

Review any changes to your shareholder information

Simply review the table displayed before submitting your filing to Companies House.

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Manage employee share options securely, accurately and efficiently – EMI options plans, CSOP, or even unapproved schemes for non-uk employees and contractors.

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Use convertible notes and ASAs to receive funding without having to complete a formal funding round – all executed with ease on our digital platform.

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