PP: Institutions

Globacap for Institutions.

Globacap for Institutions enables you to deliver investment opportunities to more of your investors at once, while executing deals with fewer internal resources and lower execution risk.

Our tech, your brand.

Scale your business

Break into new investment markets

We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Globacap enables you to safely distribute to investors across 60+ geographies globally in a regulatory compliant manner. Support your long-term business goals with a scalable solution that places you ahead of your competition.

Supercharge your deals

Scale up your business with a modern deal flow that allows you to run multiple deals at once. Have access to metrics you’ve never had before. Work smarter with transparent order book management and automated investor onboarding.

Increase your investor base without the overheads

Reduce ticket size and distribute to a wider pool of investors, increasing your investor audience without increasing operational costs. You can now shorten the horizon to profit, while scaling your business.

Integrated data room & order book

Our advanced data room functionality is built into our software and available to you at no extra cost. Get your deals done with rapid, transparent, and secure information that’s simple to access in one easy-to-use platform.

Digital document execution

From NDAs to SPAs, shareholder agreements, loan notes, and everything in-between, documents are executed digitally, providing a complete audit trail, lower administrative overheads for you, and a seamless experience for your investors.

Other game-changing features

Investor communications platform

Manage your investor funnel and gauge investor demand like never before. Easily see exactly which parts of your pitch document or data room investors have looked at, while managing indications and orders all in one place. We provide you with fundamental value that takes your investor communications to the next level. 

Regulatory compliance

Our full digital ecosystem has been designed to stay compliant with existing securities regulation. You and your investors get the peace of mind that comes from dealing directly with a FCA authorised arranger and custodian, and if you wish to make use of our Regulated Services we can help you with this too.

Offer & execute share buybacks and buyouts pain-free

Send buyback or buyout offers, accept and review orders, make payments, submit filings, in minutes. Automation at its best.  

Unparalleled investor experience

Investors access your deal, place orders, and view their investments via our intelligently designed Investor Platform. Your communication becomes next level with track delivery and reads and a complete audit trail available at any time.

Unlock our full ecosystem 

No more disparate systems. No third parties. Our pioneering ecosystem enables you to digitally manage multiple vehiclesat once from private placement to register and liquidity, so you can stay in control. 

Shorten the horizon to profit, while scaling your business

De-risk your investment vehicles by providing investors with a route to secondary liquidity. Set your own secondaries pricing and take back your valuation control. We enable you to facilitate liquidity on your own terms, not relying on third parties. Your valuation. Your timings. Your liquidity.