Your liquidity, on your terms.

Many company leaders face shareholder demands to IPO or be bought out by private equity. These used to be the only options to fulfil investor’s liquidity demands. Now, our advanced ecosystem enables a third option: mass private liquidity.

Liquidity Features

An alternative way to realise investment returns. Stay private for longer with Globacap Liquidity.

New route to liquidity

Going public means huge cost overheads, while long-term private investors take significant control. We help keep your business private while providing short-term investors a route to liquidity through the Globacap platform.

Streamline investor transactions

Traditionally, buyers and sellers have to settle against each other in private trades. We’ve automated this process, making sure that investors only have to transact with your business rather than individual
private investors.

Automated settlement

Settling secondary transactions are a complete administrative nightmare. We’ve automated the whole process, even down to share transfer forms. It’s a drastic leap in progress towards a digitised, automated share ecosystem.

Other features

FCA Regulated

Your investors get the peace of mind that comes with dealing directly with an FCA authorised arranger and custodian.

Regulatory compliance

Our software is compliant with private placement regulations in over 50 countries.

Automated settlement

With our entirely digital and automated settlement, we reclaim weeks of process for your team.

A smarter way to manage capital.

Petr Stransky

“I would definitely recommend Globacap to anyone who wants to truly operate in the 21st century using a digital platform to manage all shareholders affairs.”

Petr Stransky