Register Feature: Convertible notes

Accelerate your growth with convertible notes.

From fundraising and execution, to tracking and conversion, managing your convertible notes and SAFEs is straightforward with our digital platform.

Convertible notes made easy.

Convertible note management

Comprehensive convertible note management, tracking and conversion, with automated issuance of new shares.

Tracking and conversion

Tracking your convertible notes and SAFEs has never been easier. Manage investors, view a full transaction history and see how your convertible notes might affect your next funding round directly from your share register.

Automated issuance of shares

Raise funds digitally with convertible notes and SAFEs. By automating the entire process you are compliant every step of the way.

More Features

Easy to maintain & highly accurate

Manage your convertibles notes and SAFEs with simple one-click administration directly from your share register.

Investor experience

Investors can see your convertible’s terms instantly and place orders directly, via our well-designed and easy-to-use web platform.

Automated settlement

With our entirely digital and automated settlement, your investors can view their holdings real-time in our deal portal.

Simplify your convertible notes.

Convertibles, Advanced Subscription Agreements, and SAFEs…when, why, and how to get them to work for you. Get in touch to find out how.

Learn about the mechanics of convertibles and ASAs.

Find some examples of typical investment terms.

Find out how can Globacap help simplify your convertible notes process.

A smarter way to manage your capital.

Petr Stransky

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Petr Stransky