Register Feature: Employee option scheme

Make annual option awards enjoyable again.

Automate your annual awards, from chasing relevant parties for e-signatures, securely storing executed documents, and recalculating your fully diluted share register. Awarding your employees for their hard work has never been this easy.

Employee options made easy

Better employee experience

Let your team keep track of their share option plans with ease, helping them to feel truly invested in your company’s success.

Everything in one place

Manage your convertibles notes and SAFEs with simple one-click administration directly from your share register.

Gain full control

Save time by showing accurate ownership instantly, complete with details on which employees are due to vest their options and when.

Simplify your employee shares.

Not sure where to start with your employee options? We will help you getting started with your employee share options schemes.

How to search and choose the best-fit employee equity scheme for your company.

How to setup and launch your employee equity scheme.

How to manage your employee equity scheme as your company grows.

A smarter way to manage your capital.

Petr Stransky

“I would definitely recommend Globacap to anyone who wants to truly operate in the 21st century using a digital platform to manage all shareholders affairs.”

Petr Stransky