Cash custody

Bring your funding rounds into the 21st century.

We’ve completely overhauled the traditional process of private placement.

Our blockchain powered solution digitises and automates processes to significantly reduce admin time and accelerate your deal closure.

The ability to create digital assets is finally here.

Why Globacap Placement?

We make raising funds intuitive, digital and dynamic. Don’t settle for how things were, bring your fundraises into the 21st century.

Investor Marketing

Our built-in automated compliance enables you to distribute placements to any potential investor without the need of completing compliance checks yourself. From institutional investors through to your customers & employees, in over 60 countries – we’ve got you covered.

Digitised Deal & Order Management

Gauging investor demand is not always easy. We put you in full control, showing you exactly which parts of your pitch document or data room investors have looked at, while managing indications and orders all in one place.

Automated Settlement & Issuance

Our fully-automated settlement system revolutionises the way you complete your funding rounds. From companies house filings, to issuing share certificates, executing convertible notes and ensuring you get your cash – we’ve automated the full process, giving your team back their valuable time.

Other Features

Integrated data room

Our advanced data room functionality is built into our software and available to you at no extra cost.

Investor experience

Investors access your deal, place orders, and view their investments via our beautifully designed Investor Platform.

Multiple currencies

We’re able to accept orders in multiple currencies and convert the proceeds into the currency of your choice.

FCA regulated

Your investors get the peace of mind that comes with dealing directly with an FCA authorised arranger and custodian.

Regulatory compliance

Our software is compliant with private placement regulations in over 60 countries.

Automated settlement

With our entirely digital and automated settlement, we reclaim weeks of process for your team.

A smarter way to manage capital

Petr Stransky

“I would definitely recommend Globacap to anyone who wants to truly operate in the 21st century using a digital platform to manage all shareholders affairs.”

Petr Stransky