Subsidy program for start ups

Subsidy program for start ups

Share your business journey with us.

You’re on your own business growth journey. We’ve been there, we know that running an early-stage business is hard work. We believe that managing your equity and business capital is a day one task, but it shouldn’t be complicated or restrictive.

〉Stay ahead of the curve.

The Globacap Subsidy Program was put in place to help forward-thinking businesses like yours get ahead of the curve when it comes to managing your business capital. We want you to succeed, and when you do, you’ll have the right foundation to grow at scale.

〉Scale up – the right way.

  • Get ahead of the curve, build a strong capital foundation from day one – solving problems before they even arise
  • Access our community of business innovators and change-leaders
  • Be part of a solution that scales with your business, sharing your growth journey side-by-side.
    Enjoy a digital cap table

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Easy shareholder management

Our automated cap table grows with you, meaning you can manage 10,000 shareholders as easily as you can manage 10.

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Employee options made easy

Manage your shares, employee share options, convertibles and bonds with simple one-click administration and pinpoint accuracy.

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Bring your funding rounds into the 21st century

We make raising funds intuitive, digital and dynamic. Don’t settle for how things were, make admin time a thing of the past.

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