Globacap and Tokeny Join Forces to Enhance Tokenized Private Asset Distribution

Capital markets technology firms Tokeny, a leader in tokenization technology for capital markets assets, and Globacap, a world leader in the automation of private markets operational workflow, have partnered to expand the DINO Network and transform the distribution landscape for tokenized private assets.

Private capital markets have witnessed robust growth over the past decade, surpassing global public markets’ expansion by 1.7 times. Tokenization has emerged as a key enabler of accessibility, efficiency, transparency, and liquidity for the private market by providing a unified and programmable infrastructure.

One of the key challenges in tokenized private assets distribution is enforcing post-issuance compliance and ensuring interoperability with distribution platforms. ERC-3643, the token standard for tokenized securities, addresses these issues by restricting token interactions to eligible users while maintaining compatibility with applications supporting ERC-20 tokens.

Globacap is now part of the DINO Network initiative, an interoperable distribution network for digital securities leveraging the ERC-3643 token standard, to expand the reach of its marketplace. Tokeny acts as a connector provider between Globacap and the DINO Network. Combined with Globacap’s workflow automation software, this partnership aims to bring public market-like efficiency to private markets, enabling greater execution capabilities in secondary markets, streamlining workflows, and ensuring robust record integrity.

Globacap digitizes the workflow and execution across the entire private markets journey, from primary raises through vehicle and investor management and the execution and settlement of secondary transactions. Its technology has been used to host over 150+ primary placements, digitize over $20bn in investment vehicles, and execute and settle over $600m in secondary transactions of private assets.

Tokeny, with six years of experience in tokenization and €28 billion in assets tokenized, is the initial creator of the ERC-3643 standard, advancing market standardization in tokenization. After having built a robust tokenization engine for financial institutions, Tokeny is now helping the ecosystem to build blockchain-based distribution rails.

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny commented: “The DINO Network leverages ERC-3643 to enhance liquidity by ensuring compliance and interoperability across platforms. Together with leading platforms like Globacap, we are revolutionizing private markets distribution, making it efficient, transparent, and liquid.”

Myles Milston, Co-founder and CEO of Globacap commented: “Despite the size and importance of private markets which have over $13 trillion AUM, for years they have lacked the infrastructure and transparency necessary for efficient transactions. Globacap provides rails that accelerate transaction capability in private markets while significantly reducing operational overheads. The combination of our offering with Tokeny is immense and will help to drive private markets innovation and growth forward.”