How to fundraise, digitise and future-proof your business

Our partner, Crypto Curry Club, invited Alexander Green, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder of Globacap, to join their webinar.

In this session, Alex explains the benefits of waving goodbye to spreadsheets and saying hello to a fully digitised, future-proof cap table that allows for easy, one-click administration of shares, employee share options, convertibles and bonds, with auto-updates for every transaction.

Spreadsheet-based cap tables cause growing pains as your company scales (in fact, around 70% are broken). If you’re about to start a new funding round – and share your journey with potential investors – accuracy is business-critical. This is especially true in times of market uncertainty, with many companies requiring new investment. Alex covers how companies can save time, resource, and up to 80% in administration costs, and finally get the cap table you deserve – a single source of truth that helps you grow.

Alex also touches on how to look after the regulatory side of your funding round and provides tips on how to automate your KYC and AML.

The session covers:

  • The benefits of applying digitisation and blockchain across securities issuance and administration. This applies to anyone looking to reduce administrative layers around private placements (issuances) and cap tables.
  • Self-encapsulated coding: regulatory checks and automated corporate actions.
  • Liquidity: one-to-one transfers with immediate, digital, settlement finality – no signatures, no manual overheads. Electronic share certificates or novation agreements are executed automatically, with an immutable audit trail and reporting.

Watch and listen to the full webinar now.