Will new routes to liquidity reshape the future of private company funding?

On Wednesday 23rd February 2022 we held our first Globacap webinar with industry experts delving into alternative routes to liquidity. 

Whilst 2021 brought a record number of IPOs, there’s been a significant shift in the marketplace with private companies realising new routes to liquidity, which is now providing more options outside of traditional public listings.  

With technological advancements and larger equity investment in the UK than before, there are some significant market changes afoot.  

Myles Milston, CEO at Globacap, Henry Whorwood, Head of Research & Consultancy at Beauhurst and Harry Clynch, Journalist & Sub-Editor at DisruptionBanking, shared their knowledge and evidence-based perspectives on what the future is looking like for private company funding and how the traditional route may be no longer. 

What was covered: 

  • Market insight including whether there are any real benefits of main and alternative markets and the closing gap between public and private markets 
  • Why you should actively facilitate secondary liquidity and what it looks like in public vs private markets 
  • The different liquidity channels available across the market 
  • What the future looks like for private company funding 

Watch the full webinar and understand why you should be considering your liquidity options. 

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Here’s a snippet of what you’ll discover: