The Private Markets Ecosystem. 

Globacap is an innovative private markets ecosystem that allows you to compress manual workflow processes, streamlining the execution of transactions across the investment and asset lifecycle. 

Our multi-asset solution provides the digital infrastructure to execute and automate transactions from managing capital raises through to secondary liquidity across equity, debt, and fund vehicles. 

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One centralised platform streamlining private markets.

Designed for industry professionals, we bring public markets efficiency to private markets.

Streamline the execution of your capital raising activity

Our platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of capital raising advisers across multiple strategies and asset classes. We work with capital markets advisory firms, including:

– Corporate finance advisers
– Merchant Banks
– Investment Banks
– Venture brokers
– Private Banks
– Placement agents
– Investment networks

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Digitising investment management

Streamline subscriptions into vehicles, automate capital calls, facilitate secondaries, and manage investor communications across the investment lifecycle.

– Venture Capital Funds
– Private Equity Funds
– Credit Funds
– Real Estate Managers
– Asset Managers
– Family Offices

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Expand into private markets

Private markets-as-a-Service. Globacap’s platform brings your private markets strategy to market efficiently and effectively.

– Stock Exchanges
– Securities Firms
– Corporate Brokers

How we work with you

Stay private for longer

Utilise Globacap’s infrastructure directly to execute your capital raise, manage your cap table or execute secondaries.

Our ecosystem

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secondary liquidity with automated settlement

End-to-end lifecyle management.

Our tools allow you to automate workflows across:

Raising Capital

Manage and execute an end-to-end capital raise across Equity, Debt and Fund vehicles.

  • Streamline distribution

  • Create feeder vehicles

  • Onboard Investors

  • Book-build

  • Execute & manage subscriptions

  • Process settlement

  • Client money services

Vehicle Management

Automated settlement, creating digital registries or manage existing vehicles across their lifecycle.

  • Maintain investor registries

  • View transaction history

  • Manage drawdowns & distributions

  • Track performance metrics

  • Manage vehicle reporting

  • Investor communications

  • Execute E-signatures and voting

Secondary Transfers

Fully automated transferability of private shares, debt, and funds with settlement finality.

  • Facilitate secondary transfers

  • Manage liquidity rounds

  • Transfer direct interest

  • Execute bi-lateral transfers

  • Run net-AUM strategies

  • Process full settlement finality


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