DLT liquidity platform for private assets posts $180m volume in first two months of 2022

Over $180 million of secondary transactions of private shares have been executed through Globacap’s platform in the first two months of 2022.

This record-breaking figure is greater than the combined transaction volume of all European liquidity facilities for private shares through the entirety of 2021 and is a clear signal of the accelerating shift from public to private markets.

With cutting-edge innovation and technology, Globacap’s liquidity platform automates all transaction and settlement processes for private assets and cash through to legal settlement finality, a first in private markets and a significant technological step further than the two leading private share platforms, Nasdaq Private Market and Forge Global.

The platform also introduces public markets style investor anonymity and allows companies to buyback and/or issue new shares at the same time as facilitating secondary transactions, without any additional administrative overheads.

To achieve this level of automation, Globacap constructed its own private distributed ledger technology (DLT) built with Hyperledger Fabric, a technology originally developed by IBM. This custom DLT has enabled the full automation of capital markets processes, including stamp duty payments and stock transfer forms for shares of private companies in the UK.