Superfast payments for Globacap users is here

Globacap is proud to announce its integration with Plaid to supercharge its payments.

Security holders that use the Globacap platform to manage their investments can now withdraw directly from their wallet to a UK bank account. This includes withdrawing proceeds from a sale of a security, coupon payments or dividends that are received.

Myles Harrison, CPO at Globacap, says: “We’re thrilled to be part of Plaid’s growing fintech ecosystem and the integration strengthens our drive to use technology to unlock the power of capital markets. This further enhances features we’ve recently made available across our platform, including secondary liquidity events, coupon payments and dividends distribution.”

By integrating with Plaid, a network enabling digital finance across North America and Europe, Globacap users can easily connect and pay from their financial accounts, making it even more secure, simple, and faster to complete transactions.